Why choose Idealnest School?

Years of experience

Years of experience and multiple sites ensures that we are experts in what we do. Our Ofsted results speak for themselves. All of our nurseries are rated Good or above.

We never close due to staff sickness

The nursery runs with extra staff so if a staff member is off sick then their absence is easily covered.

We never close for staff holidays

As the nursery runs with extra staff we are able to cover staffs holidays without having to close

Specifically designed for childcre

The buildings are designed specifically for the care of young children. The whole building is designed with the needs of small children in mind. From the toilets to the kitchen, everything is carefully planned out to suit the needs and interested of young children.

Children are cared for in different age groups

Due to the size of our nurseries we are able to split children into different ages and stages of development. This ensures that the environment is specifically designed to maximise their learning and development potential. Along with them making close bonds with a number of children of a similar age